Ocean State Job Lot

180 Milk Street, Westborough, MA, USA

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Company Description

Founded in 1977, Ocean State Job Lot is a growing, privately held discount retail chain with stores in New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Shoppers find an ever-changing array of brand name, first-quality merchandise at closeout prices, including household goods, apparel, pet supplies, seasonal products (holiday, gardening, patio, pool, and beach supplies), and kitchen pantry staples at a fraction of their typical prices. The Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation has a long history of philanthropic leadership, supporting numerous causes, including feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, assisting veterans and military families, aiding animal rescue, caring for children, advancing healthcare, supporting the arts, and promoting learning. The Foundation’s operational, administrative, and overhead expenses are covered by Ocean State Job Lot, not the Foundation, ensuring that 100% of every dollar raised through the Foundation goes directly to helping those in need.